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This memorial website was created in the memory of our precious Brooklynne Grace Traina. Who was born in Medford, Oregon on April 18, 2007 and went to be with the lord June 28, 2009. She was 26 months old. We will remember her forever.

"Thru God's grace you were ours for a little while. Now you live in everlasting light, forever God's precious little child. You will live on in our hearts, our thoughts, and everything we do, and at the end of each day we pray to God and thank him of the gift of you"

Not a minute goes by that I don't think of her beautiful face, her huge blue eyes, beautiful smile, contagious laugh and spunky attitude...... We love you so much baby. You are my heart.

I guess I'll start from the begining.  Ryan and I met February 28. We had been together for a little over a year when I found out I was pregnant.  I remember going to his work and telling him that the many tests I took were positive.... The only words he could get out was " Oh God".  Then we sat there, in my car and hugged eachother for what seemed like hours.  I, to say the least did not have a good pregnancy, I had kidney stones, terrible back pain, and gained 125lbs.... I was pretty miserable, and so was Ryan for that matter.  He was such a trooper.

I went into labor April 16, and had our precious baby girl on April 18th.  She was so beautiful, no hair, perfect skin, and big blue eyes. 

From the moment we brought her home she was what you could call a perfect baby.  She slept through the night, hardly cried, she loved her passy and pink princess blanket!!! She walked and crawled so early.  She was always doing things that made us look at eachother and say, " WOW..... This is the best thing we have ever done".  We loved being mommy and "mommy" ( she called Ryan mommy also) We were working on that though, she would call him dad when he wasn't there or if he turned his head.  It was so cute!

She loved to be in the car especially in the driver seat pretending she was driving.  She loved her 4-wheeler and bike, anything that could go she was all about it! She loved riding the big 4-wheeler with Grandpa all around his property. They would stop to pick flowers and tomatoes. That was their special time.

March 2009, we moved to our dream home on the out skirts of Eagle point.  It was  a great area, with wonderful neighbors.  Ryan and I both had good jobs, things were so perfect. We actually were sitting on the couch one day , we looked at eachother and said "Look what we have been through, and look where we are now.  This is exactly what we have always wanted" We couldn't have been happier.

I would take Brooklynne to the babysitter every morning before work, every morning we would stop, to look at the horses in a near by pasture.  I would ask her, " Where are the horses?...What do they say?" Then I would ask her " do you want to go to Donna's this morning? (the babysitter)" she would get a huge smile on her face and say "YES MAMMA". 

I would pick her up everyday after work. As I would knock on Donna's door, I would hear her say "mom, mom, mom" She would run up and give me the biggest hug, and pat me on the back.  We would say our goodbyes to Donna and the rest of the kids, and head for home. A few days a week I would ask her if she wanted a hamburger or nuggets..... usually nuggets and frys :) Some days, since we didn't see Ryan alot during the week, we would swing by his work, bring him lunch, and spend his lunch hour with him.  Brooklynne got SO excited when she saw him walk towards the car!!

Then when we would get home I would clean up, laundry, dishes, bathtime, so on. Brooklynne would usually chase our dog with her doll stroller, watch Dora (she loved cartoons) or destroy anything she could get her little hands on.  She was always my little shadow! If she wasn't right behind me, I knew something was up! :) We would do bath time, read books, call dad at work so we could say our goodnights. Off to bed she would go, after big hugs and lots of kisses!!!

Ryan didn't get home until midnight during the weekdays. So everynight he would go in to check on her, give her a kiss and tell her he loved her.  He would do the same to me.  It never failed that Ryan would take his work clothes off, get cleaned up, grab a snack, and a little blonde head would peak around the corner at him, flash him a big smile and run up to him to cuddle. He would say " what-it-do-do-boo-boo"... She thought that was so funny. That was there special time together just dad and his Boo.

June 28, 2009, started like any other Sunday. We were relaxing around the house, playing a bit, cleaning up, and get ready for the up coming week.  Our cousins daughter was having her 2nd Birthday party that day at a water park in Ashland.  So we packed up and headed out around 11:45am.  She slept a little on the way there, but only about 15 minutes.  We met up with everyone, and the kids played there little hearts out.  We left for home about 4pm.  When we got home Brooklynne was so tired she was pretty much delirious.  All three of us were wore out! We put Brooklynne to bed at 7pm. Not knowing that would be the last time we would ever put her to bed again.  I fell asleep on our love seat and Ryan was watching TV on the couch right next to me.  She got up out of bed a couple times, Ryan told her " Boo it's bedtime, you need your rest" She shook her head "OK" and went back to bed. He tucked her in, gave her a kiss, and said his final "Goodnight" to his baby girl.

Ryan glansed at the clock, it was 7:37pm, he felt his eyes get a bit heavy.  Soon he joined me in drifting off to sleep. We both knew our family was safe and secure. I woke up, it must have been about 7:50pm or so, I KNEW, I just knew something was wrong.  I didn't know what.  Still to this day I don't know why I ran out side. As I ran out the door onto our patio, I turned the corner and their was our baby, floating face down in our pool. Wearing her little halloween PJ's.  I jumped in, pulled her out, layed her down, and started CPR. The whole time screaming as loud as I could for Ryan, Or anyone that could hear me to help. Once I knew he couldn't hear me, and no one was coming. I picked her up in my arms and ran back into the house. I ran down the hall screaming call 911, call 911....0h God Ryan help! I remember the look on his face as he woke up, its a look I will never forget, no one should ever have to wake up to that. I layed her wet, limp body on the livingroom floor and continued CPR. We were trying our hardest to save her life.... all I wanted to hear was a cough......just cough for me baby, show me you are still there. During this time Ryan grabbed his phone, and we called 911. Right after that we had a knock at the door, it was a Volunteer Firefighter named Andrew.  He came in asked her name, what happened, and how long she in the pool. We said Brooklynne, Brooklynne her name is Brooklynne...... I don't know how long she was in the pool... I don't know, oh my god I don't know. Than he started CPR.  I remember he kept saying "Come on Brooklynne, Come on Brooklynne"...... During this time Ryan ran out side to flag down the fire truck and ambulance.  As soon as they got there I remember my whole world started spinning, things started going in slow motion.... One of the police officers pushed me out to the front of our house, I remember thinking where's Ryan??  I was sitting on our front steps soaking wet, muddy, out of breath, and scared to death. I looked up, and every one of our neighbors were there, standing outside, crying.  Then they wheeled our baby out of the house, she looked so little on that big gurney... she was wrapped in her "ABC" blanket, One of the fireman asked if we were ok to drive and to follow them to RVMC.  We jumped in the truck and followed them, on what seemed like an endless drive. I called my dad, and Ryan's step mom on the way to the hospital. I wanted to know how long she could go without breathing and be ok? I kept asking, but none of the EMT's would tell me, so I figured they would. I remember hearing the horror in each of their voices.  All I remember about that drive was trying to look in the back of that ambulance. Ryan and I kept saying to eachother, "she's strong, she'll make it" Oh God help her make it" ...."Oh God" She's gonna be ok, right? she's gonna be ok?"

We pulled up to RVMC, left the truck running and ran into the ER.  "Where is she? Where is she? Whats going on? "WHERE IS OUR BABY?" At this point I don't know were Ryan went, but I ran through th ER doors, turned right, and saw 3 chaplins, the EMT's and all the fire fighters standing in and around trauma room #3. When I saw those chaplins my heart sank. At that point I think I knew, things were not going to be ok. As soon as they saw me, they had me sit down.  A Fireman sat down in front of me with huge tears in his eyes. He told me they were pumping her blood and that they had given her cardiac meds.  They are doing everything they can do for her. They had Ryan and I go sit in what seemed like the smallest room ever.  All we could do was sit and wait.  Soon family, friends, nurses, doctors, etc. came into the room.......  Ryan's step mom was the one that told us...... "she didn't make it"...... we both screamed, I just wanted to wake up....This was a dream right? I remember saying no, no, no, no, no......Oh God, no.  I couldn't wrap my mind around this.  My baby, my little girl was gone. No, no, this isn't right, there is some mistake. She's ok.... She's ok.... Ryan was on his knees in front of me, we just sat there in eachothers arms. I remember him saying "our baby is gone Dar", "what are we going to do?"  I kept thinking I didn't do CPR right!!! What if I woke up 5 minutes earlier, would she still be here? Why did we make her go to bed? Why did we get that pool? Why were we sleeping? Our life as we knew it was over.  Ryan was the one that talked to the police. Through all his emotions he answered there questions. A little while later, he went into see her. I decided not to see her, I didn't want to remember her like that. No one else was in the room but him, and her little body. He walked over to her, kissed her cold, wet head, told her how sorry he was, and how much he loved her. After a while he opened the door to leave, He kissed her one last time and walked out the door. He felt so horrible after shutting the door, he felt he left her alone in there.

We walked through those ER doors hours earlier as parents. Now, we walked out two of the most devistated people on earth. We got in the back seat of my dads car and drove away.  I remember feeling like we were forgetting something.  We never went anywhere without her. Ryan and I just sat back there holding hands and crying.  We made the decision not to go back to our home.  There were to many memories there, and we just could not do it.  My dad put us up in a Hotel for the next few days...... It's all such a huge blurr after that.  I remember being asked what I thought were the worst questions." Do you guys want her cremated, or burried?", "where do you guys want her burried?", "what color casket?", "what clothes do you want her to be burried in?", "open or closed casket?", "where do you want the service?" Thanks to my mom and Ryan's mom the arrangements got taken care of.

Family and friends were around us 24-7, doing anything and everything they could to help us. They brought us clothes, food, whatever we needed they were there. They also moved all of our things out of our home, and into a storage unit.  Our bed, clothes, dressers and our dog were moved to a room in Ryan's brothers house.

Not a day, hour, minute or a second goes by that we dont think of her. We replay that night over and over in our minds. wondering if we should have done something different.  I cry every morning on the way to work, I cry at work.  I drive by Donna's wanting to stop, so I can just pick her up.  It has been 6 weeks now, it seems like years.  She was the one thing in my life that I felt the most proud of. The one thing I did right. She still is.  She will always be our little Boo-Boo.  She will live forever in our hearts and will never be forgotten. I wish everyone could  know how amazing she was! We all are better people for having known her.  Those who knew her can honestly say they knew an angel.

I miss her so much I don't know how to live, how to wake up, how to sleep, how to function.  How did I live before she was born?  Ryan and I are both so lost.

 We love you honey.... Please, somehow let dad and I know you are ok.

 Thank you to all of our Family and wonderful friends for all your care, prayers and support.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We love you all and could not have gotten through this without each of you.

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Her legacy
Water safety rules!!!  
1. You are the C.E.O. Constant Eyes On adult supervision
2. Teach ALL the rules by your example.
3. Pool / Lake / Beach / Boat / EVERYWHERE

The three lines of YOUR RESOURCES are:
1. Segmented Active Supervision
2. Fencing permanent and alarmed
3. Survival Swimming and check skills prior to all water recreation 


1. You must have a permanent pool fence- pools are permanent liabilities. Why would you ever remove a temporary fence from the pool area?

2. Use gates (self latch) with a hard spring that require two-handed operation to open and will shut and latch by itself.

3. Shake Test- with both hands periodically shake every part of your pool fence and gate.

4. Do not allow your child to try to climb the fence EVER. The idea of failure and exhaustion at early attempts will be modified as cognitive and physical skills become greater with age. Once they figure out how to climb it they will and will likely show other children too.

5. Think of every preposition (about above across between under etc.) and assess your pool area and pool fence from those perspectives and your child’s.

6. In existing pools aim jets to create a favorable flow for survival. New pools should have in-floor jets. Use PVC to make an artificial edge if necessary.

7. Waterfalls in pool areas should be discouraged . They create a noise level that will compete with a small cry for help.

8. Automatic vacuums create an interesting visual toy that can attract small children to the edge. The child could fall in and become entangled in the lines.

9. As much as possible keep the water level in the typical backyard pool at the uppermost point.

10. All electrical outlets and accessories must be grounded and...

11. Pool lights need to be regularly inspected and serviced by qualified professionals only.

12. Do not plug in the base for your portable phone by the pool (see #38).

13. Use of lawn lights at night will discourage pranksters and trespassers who could drown in your pool. Have these professionally installed because rainwater can saturate your lawn and electrical shocks are possible (because the pool is not grounded).

14. Use of extension cords around pools is extremely dangerous. Do not use them.

15. Keep the deck clean and clear of debris or obstacles that could cause a fall or impair your vision of the pool area.

16. All chemicals should be stored away from the pool area in an air tight and locked receptacle.

17. Outdoor toys should be stored in an area that is isolated from the pool.

18. Alarms should indicate that someone is in the pool area. We have not found one good reliable pool alarm to alert you when someone is in the water. DO NOT USE THEM unless you simultaneous use others to provide backups.

19. Keep all patio furniture inside of the pool fence. Or arrange it such that it cannot be moved.

20. Keep overhanging trees and shrubs away from the pool fence as they can become a ladder to access the pool.

21. Secure all movable objects such as outdoor grills in the backyard area. Anything can be used as a ladder to scale the fence.

22. Do not encourage any game or activity around the water (including lakes and pools) that involves hiding objects or hiding children.

23. Arrange your home house plants shrubs and other landscaping such that the view of the pool is not obstructed from any line of sight.

24. Install devices such as PVC pipe or lines that can be easily reached at the edge of your pool if your water level to edge of the pool deck distance is more than 1/2 the length of your youngest child’s arm.

25. Do not allow the placement of a diving board slide swing or rope for/in a home pool. If they are in place already remove them.

26. Make sure your baby-sitter can swim swim to the bottom of your pool and retrieve a 10 pound weight has written directions to your home for 911 purposes. Call from wherever you are or have a neighbor stop by to see if the door or phone is ever answered while your children are in the water unsupervised. Make sure the person watching your children is first aid trained.

27. Do not allow riding toys inside the pool fence area... EVER.

28. Make sure all doors leading to the pool area have locks and alarms to indicate passage. Check with your local fire department about such locks first.

29. Sinking pool toys should be promoted for children under 18 months. Floating pool toys should be promoted for children over 18 months.

30. Never use “dive-in-for-toys” such as “rings” or “dive sticks”. Diving in shallow water has caused too many head/neck injuries that have lead to paralysis or death.

31. Always keep an eye and ear out for thunder/lightning storms. The National Weather Service has some excellent educational materials dealing with severe weather.

32. Make sure that the filter area and equipment cannot be directly accessed by your children. Bromine is safer to handle than chlorine. Rapid sand filters are good for organic waste treatment; fine mesh cartridge filters are next best; but diatomaceous earth filtration is the best. In the future the ozone filtration systems will be priced such that their use will be widespread. They are the ultimate in water purification.

33. Do not allow anyone to play with the tools or life-saving devices in place by your pool.

34. Teach all pool rules by your example of adhering to them consistently.

35. Allow no glass containers around the pool deck area.

36. Allow only your eyes by direct line of sight to supervise your child in the water; your ears will not hear him fall in while you are inside “for just a second."

37. A spine board is a recommended item to have with your first aid kit if you have a small child.

38. Education knowledge thinking and following THE PLAN are the best FACTORS present at an injury-related emergency. The best THINGS to have are Telephones; portable land-lines are best by the pool because 911 can find the source address of that phone… a baby sitter or a visiting relative in a panic might not remember your address (7 cases we know about as of 2007)

39. Do not allow play or any aquatic activity that can diminish your child’s hard earned aquatic survival skills. It is easier to say no to a float ring than it is to do CPR.

40. Before you play with your child in the water or allow it have him or her demonstrate at least a rollback-to -float position first. 


41. As a maximum 100 F. is safer for small children low 90's F is better (in either case no longer than 10 minutes).

42. Always check the temperature first with YOUR HAND before entering.

43. It is best to have children in the tub when there is no turbulence created by the jets.

44. Since you cannot assess fatigue because the water is above 88 F. you must set a 10 minute maximum. If the face turns red nausea or dizziness is noticed take the child out immediately and apply cool water to the buttocks and forehead with a saturated towel.

45. Bubbles in a hot tub drastically reduce the visibility and make the water too interesting not to investigate... further and further.

46. Exposing the ears eyes and face of a young child to very warm water is not a good idea. They can vomit immediately and have other adverse reactions.

47. Never allow a child to practice swimming or floating skills in a hot tub. Children should not go in “public” hot tubs nor should you.

48. Find a way to prevent children from manipulating the controls for the hot tub. Once they find out how to activate it and the jets they will whether you are there or not. It is like showing them how to start your car.

49. Make sure a dome grate exists on the hot tub exhaust port. Children have been “trapped” by the suction and had their intestines pulled out. 


50. Scalding burns from a faucet cannot occur if the hottest water coming out of the spigot cannot burn you.

51. ALWAYS ALWAYS check the temperature first particularly when you are at a hotel or visiting and giving your child a bath in a different tub..

52. Allow absolutely no electrical appliances near the tub hot tub wash basin etc. Hair dryers are responsible for several electrocutions each year.

53. Purchase a spigot pad for the tub. Little bodies slip and fall easily and can be injured on the spigot.

54. If you tighten the controls the shower cannot be turned on you as you observe the bath time and the risk of scalding is reduced.

55. Check outside for impending electrical storms. No house is “grounded” from a lightning strike. If you think yours is visit !!

56. Put a towel or rug up next to the tub to provide safer footing for you and the child.

57. Attach " no slip strips" to the bottom of the tub and regularly used areas of the bathroom particularly if the bathroom floor is tiled.

58. Take the portable phone with you into the bathroom. Use it there for emergency calls only during bath time.

59. Do not allow any tub toys or parts of toys that could be swallowed or choked on in the bathroom area.


60. Attach chain link strips to the dock pilings and allow for tides wind and other depth fluctuations. This provides a hand hold/ladder out of the river canal lake or other body of water where the dock is placed. If local laws prohibit this use doweling PVC pipe or wooden slats to accomplish the same effect.

61. Keep the dock in repair such that tripping is less likely or an injury will occur on the dock that could result in a fall into the water.

62. Keep old fishing lines unused ropes and other discarded items free from under the dock. Getting tangled in these is like trying to swim through a drift net.

63. Secure your boat on the dock with a safe system of davits springer lines or anchor outs. Try not to tie the boat up to the dock. Such a tie-up could attract a small child onto the boat from the dock which is a very dangerous scenario.

64. Install powerful night lights on your dock to be used in night-search situations. Have other dock lights to discourage vandals and trespassers.

65. Install an alarm horn on your dock that is the loudest you can purchase. Alarm whistles and bells will also work but are better suited for areas where many docks are in close proximity. Teach the sound of it to your neighbors and learn theirs too. Never ignore a dog barking on a dock.

66. Secure a ventilated dock box on your dock. Inside among other things should be a dive mask to be used only for underwater search efforts.

67. The ever-present cellular phone... On a dock however it needs a holder on a piling or needs to be attached to a chair on the dock. If you have to go into the water to rescue will you remember to take it off first? What if you then need it to call 911 when you have the child back at the surface and back on the dock.

68. Have a hook rope and throw ring attached to the dock such that these can be used at a moments notice. Teach and practice their use but do not allow unsupervised practice or play with these vital survival tools.

69. Paint a “go no further line” 2.5 feet in from all edges of the dock hand holding ONLY between that line and the any edge of the dock install a dock gate at the entrance of the dock that is armed with an alarm. This contrasting color paint is a clearly defined line … better than the verbal and vague … do not get too close to the edge…

70. Make periodic hive nest and habitat checks for ants wasps bees snakes spiders scorpions etc. on under and around your dock. Getting stung or bitten while on a dock is even more dangerous than it might be normally. Relocate the hive nest insect or animal carefully. Do not use bug- sprays or other chemicals which will end up in the water. Inevitably the pilings will absorb some and could create a lingering fire hazard.

71. Remove submerged debris from around the dock and check regularly for debris that may have floated in and sunk near your dock. If you are trapped underwater you probably will not survive.

72. Do not allow diving off of the dock. It is simply not worth it given the risks.

73. Teach your children to not yell HELP or make any sort of cry for assistance unless it is needed. Do not play games that would encourage a child to yell HELP. A good rule is: if you yell HELP as a joke while you are in the water you are OUT for a long time.

74. Let your ISR Instructor know you have a dock and report any incident involving our student and the dock.

NATURAL WATER ( property )

75. environmental hazards … pathogens mud grasses… check with local health officials about water and plant born pathogens near the shore line and in the shallows… there is an amoeba present in some lake shallows in Florida during the summer months that can be lethal

76. Check the bottom of all roped-off wading or swimming areas and fill in the holes or mark the areas that cannot be filled in consistently due to currents or wave action.

77. Underwater debris near a shoreline that does not have a dock is more transient and the wading/swimming area needs to be checked and cleared more often.

78. If the soil near the shoreline has a tendency to become muddy you may want to clear an area and create a small sand bottom to provide more consistent footing near shore. Check with local environmental authorities before altering a shoreline as local laws and regulations may prohibit this modification.

79. Children in particular should wear shoes or the popular “rock socks” when wading in natural water. If shoes are worn use low top tennis shoes and tie the laces loosely. If the foot gets trapped in the mud the shoe will stay; and the foot will come out of it easily and safely.

80. The cellular phone is vital in most situations when your child is around water. It is even more important to have when the water has little or no visibility when other things are swimming in it (that may or may not be friendly) and for a host of other reasons that may become apparent only if you do not have the cellular phone when you need it.

81. Let your ISR Instructor know if any incident occurs in your natural water area involving our student or former student.

82. Rope off a wading/swimming area beginning at the shore and extending out to a depth of your choice. Allow swimming off of the shore ONLY in this area by your children. It reduces where you might have to search where they might be upon evading your home supervision.


83. Dress your child in bright colors when going to the beach. Use a consistent bright color and style of swim suit so all family members have a consistent image of what we are looking for TODAY.

84. The most common cause of cancer in the United States made its appearance this morning. Protect your child from it and teach children to protect themselves from it by your example. Cover up block up and wear a hat.

85. Effective sun glasses not only protect from UV rays but can keep some sand and other foreign objects out of the eyes. You should have polarized sun glasses so that glare off of the water does not impair your vision and therefore supervision.

86. Have a picture of your child in the consistent “beach suit” with you to show to the life guard or others who may be helping you search.

87. Your cellular phone is important at the beach. You may want to protect it from the salt spray by putting it in a plastic bag. You need 2 numbers here the one for the central guard station and any roaming numbers you may need for that area if the cell is not covered by your carrier. Most beach cities and communities are 911 active. But none are fully 911 enhanced everywhere at this time. Know your location points at the beach there are not street numbers at the beach.

88. Attach a floating polymaterial line (like a ski tow rope) to a small anchor set out far enough from the shore such that the handle of the rope is onshore by a few feet. If the child is not holding onto your hand he or she can hold onto the rope. When the waves break in the shallows the small child can hold onto the rope for additional support and stability. Remember the retreating waves pull sand out from under feet. If the feet are little the sensation is frightening and the possibility of falling down is greater.

89. At the beach adopt and follow a rule for small children. The supervising adult is to be no further away than 10 feet.

90. Attach a balloon (it should be helium filled) to the back of small children's suits with a 4 foot string. Searching for your child who has fallen in the waves and is underwater and more waves and currents decrease your visibility through the surface waters as panic begins to set in can be facilitated if you simply go over to the balloon and follow the string down to your child. Keep in mind that if the waves are only 2 feet high and your child is waist deep the waves are OVER HEAD from his perspective. Never pull on the string first in those situations; the string can break. NEVER let a balloon go particularly at the beach. Sea turtles eat the broken balloon material (which looks like their food) and die.

91. When you first arrive at the beach locate a guard tower (if this is a protected beach) and set up near it. Check with the guard about existing conditions such as rip currents run outs jelly fish etc. Introduce your child to the guard and make sure the guard sees the suit he or she has on.

92. Let your ISR Instructor know if you are going to the beach so that certain skills that are of greater benefit in rapidly moving turbulent water with poor visibility can be stabilized or practiced more during lessons


93. The West Marine catalog is something you already know about if you have a boat. It is a very complete catalog of marine and maritime/aquatic safety equipment. They include a consumer guide to a variety of products such as life jackets report on their own test results and contain other important features. Call 800-538-0775 and request their catalog if you have a boat or water front property.


94. Safety nets that attach to the stanchion lines and the rail of the deck are a must when young children are on a sailboat.

95. Tether the child with a line that can be snapped and re-snapped to various safety rings as the child moves about.

96. The tether must be attached to a harness. Choose one that is comfortable for the child. Some models have an auto-inflating pouch that is activated when it gets wet. NEVER tether yourself to the child while onboard.

97. If you are going to cruise off-shore with a child an EPIRB unit is a must. It sends an emergency distress signal to a satellite which relays the signal and your exact location to the authorities such that you can be assisted.

98. At anchor put a line off of the stern whenever children are swimming around the boat. Currents and winds can sometimes come up unexpectedly and a life-drift line needs to be already in place. A throw ring with line attached also needs to be ready on board.

99. On small fast sail boats like catamarans a life jacket must be worn. A plastic foam-lined bicycle helmet is also a good idea so that a boom strike or fall does not cause incapacitating head injuries.

100. Let's say the tether line or his arm gets fouled in a line that controls a large sail. A sudden gust of wind rushes the sail out and he is going with it now. The knife if used quickly can cut the line(s) free and prevent injury. Wear it on your belt or on your life jacket. ONE LAST THING ABOUT SAIL BOATS. THEY CANNOT BACKUP STOP OR TURN AROUND FAST. IF EVERYONE JUMPS OVER TO HELP THE CHILD WHO FELL OVER-BOARD THE BOAT WILL SAIL ALL BY ITSELF... AWAY.


101. You will only need to see one child cut up by a propeller because he fell off of the front of the boat where he was sitting (bow riding) and the boat ran him over. These victims almost never survive ; so do not allow riding in the front on a bow rider while the boat is moving. BOAT SEATS DO NOT EXIST AS A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT SO YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OWN. Take a car seat attach inexpensive adult life jackets plastic milk containers boat fenders or other very buoyant materials to the front upper portions of the car seat. Put your child in the seat with a life jacket on which will require major adjustment to the straps on the car seat. Take all of this into a pool and carefully test it for two factors. Will it float your child; and will it “right itself” such that if the entire unit went into the water would your child be found in the boat seat floating upright with the chin at least 3 inches above the water line? Once you are satisfied with your placement of auxiliary flotation material and tests this is strapped into a boat seat by a single web-strap with a quick- release buckle. Boat seats are needed because on even slight impact with a dock or by running over something in the water or with a rapid turn of the boat children usually become flying object's. The best life jacket in the world will not protect his head from injury on impact with something in the boat. If you would not drive without child restraints why would you drive your boat without them? In a boat however the entire unit needs to float and upright.

102. When towing children and/or adults in pairs use the rule that when one falls everyone falls. It is easier to pick up 2 at the same location in the water than 2 who are 200 yards apart and both are injured. The one who let go of the tow rope might also be able to help the one who fell and therefore might be injured.

103. Never tow with unequal tow rope lengths. When the “short rope” falls chances are great of a run-over accident.

104. Always check the prop before start up for line vegetation and people who may be approaching the boat unaware that you are leaving.

105. Account for everyone who should be on your boat BEFORE you start the engine.

106. Establish the routine for inboard and outdrive boats of “everyone count to ten aloud while the blower is on 123...”. Teach safety by your example; the earlier the safer.

107. Ski jackets are usually better than life jackets to use for children while towing them behind a boat.

108. Foam-lined ski helmets are a good idea. Head strikes from the ski board floating debris etc. are not that rare. DO NOT USE A BICYCLE HELMET HERE. Impact with the water can pull the edges of the bicycle helmet back and the neck could be broken by the secured chin strap.

109. “When the boat is moving; you are not; sit down before we get started please.”

110. Either have a marine band radio with the channel 16 preset or a known local hailing frequency preset. Make sure all adults on board know how to operate the radio. OR have a cellular phone with the numbers for marine patrol 911 or other emergency numbers preset and be sure everyone on board knows how to use the phone...ONE LAST THING ABOUT MOTOR BOATS FIND OUT WHAT A DEAD MAN SWITCH IS HAVE ONE INSTALLED AND USE IT...ALWAYS. I used to know a man who did not.


111. The common five gallon buckets are death traps for young children. Many hardware stores now have the three gallon buckets available instead.

112. If you have the old five gallon buckets drill a hole in the bottom of them before you recycle them. If you must use a five gallon bucket use a lid on it with a hole in the lid for the brush or roller. (If you plan on using five gallon buckets ask to see a picture that your ISR Instructor has.)

113. Toddlers can look into ice chests and coolers of a certain height. They enter head first get trapped and drown. An elastic cord can keep it shut.

114. For the same reasons as the five gallon bucket problem lock all toilet seat lids. Most good hardware stores have them; but if they do not call 1 800 837 KIDS for a catalog. (However we do not approve of the flotation devices or lifejackets they sell)

115. Put sand in the bottom of a playpool to prevent slipping. Either empty and refill as needed or filter the water. THIS IS STILL A POOL; SEGMENTED - EYES ON ONLY SUPERVISION IS STILL REQUIRED!!!!

I have been working with some very special people. Here in Medford and across the United States. We are starting a Foundation in Brooklynne's name with the help of Infant Swimming Resource Safe Kids The Red Cross Medford Fire District and many many more compassionate helpful people.
Our goal is to raise awareness here in Oregon. To educate Parents grandparents daycare providers and our beautiful precious irreplaceable children!!!! Accidental death is the number one killer of our babies. Drowning in many states being number one. We all need to stand up and take charge to see that “NOT ONE MORE CHILD DROWNS"!!!!!
Please add this site to your favorites and keep checking it for up coming dates and events. Also I urge you to visit I as soon as the money is raised and I get excepted will become a Certified Instructor. My goal being to give parents and children the tools and education they need to be safe in and around the water. As parents we know it is not possible to keep an eye on our children 24-7 this program will give your child the tools they need to survive if they are ever to fall into a body of water. BUT it all starts with YOU THE PARENTS!!
I will keep you all updated as more is to come.....a lot more!!
Please know it only takes a second! A second to lose your baby. Be aware pools bathtubs toilets 5 gallon buckets lake rivers ponds etc. Know if your neighbor has a pool; is there a lock on there gate? Is there a gate? Never leave your child unattended in or around ANY type of water danger. Put down the magazine the cell phone the book. Be your child’s CEO " Constant. Eye. On." Make your self aware of the potential dangers around your home your babysitter’s home any where your child may be. Take charge; take that extra step to ensure their safety.
Their is 6 inches between life and death of your child. It takes 6 inches for a child to roll from their stomach to their back. It's your child make the right choice. BECOME AWARE. The change starts with you with your community with your family.

 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am always here. I will help in whatever way I can. If I can't help I will find someone who can.

Mamma to a beautiful angel Brooklynne Grace Traina

"Brooklynne's Grace" Continued.....  

This is just a quick update for everyone following the site.  I will be leaving for Montana in Februari to start my ISR training.  After that's completed I will come back to Oregon and teach our precious babies how to swim. 

Everything is looking very promising with her foundation.  We anticipate the foundation to be up and running this month. Please keep your eye here to see any upcoming events.

Again thank you for your time and the outpouring of support we have recieved during the last 5 months.


Happy Holidays and God Bless



Thank you for all you do!

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